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Halloween 2011

Halloween at Iris
It's been a long time since I've really felt like I've participated in Halloween at all.  It's pretty much been just another work day for years.  Technically, it was a work day this year too, but I really felt like I got to experience it this time.  Turns out, having weekends off really helps.

Of course, we did celebrate a bit at both of my jobs.  I was at IRIS for one night on a last minute call and it happened to be the night that the decorations went up in the Automation shop.  And, as you can see from the photo, my Stage Manager's snack of Clementines was spontaneously holiday-ified by my friend Lloyd.  Festive!

At the other job, we had a day of Pizza and Costumes.  I didn't dress up myself, but I still had a blast (and didn't get a whole lot of work done).  It was a bit like Kindergarten for Grown-ups.  and the highlight of the day was having Hamburger Helper served to me during a meeting... BY HAMBURGER FREAKIN' HELPER!!!  How weird is that?  I can get used to this.

Over the Halloween Weekend, Danny and I tagged along with some new friends and enjoyed a couple of the local "amateur" haunts in town.  Amateur is not the right word.  Insane and awesome is more accurate.  On the super fun end of the spectrum, we visited Boney Island and Bob's Silly Skeleton Party.  These are homemade Halloween displays built in ordinary front yards that defy belief.  Bob also happens to be one of my new co-workers and we attended a great backyard gathering at his house the night we went to see the display.  I really like those casual, no pressure social events.  Fun!

The next night, we went to see The House of Restless Spirits.  That is pure creepy cool art.  It is subtle and beautiful, very hard to explain and difficult to believe it is just someone's home holiday display.  It's literally an experience.  Ray, you're in good company.

I'm really liking this new lifestyle that comes with my new work schedule.  Here's hoping the rest of the holidays in 2011 are as much fun.

And now, I leave you with this lovely and chilling Halloween image.  Look closely and despair.




glad you have one job now and can have a bit of fun. Your new workplace is kinda looking like mine!

Re: Cool

Thanks. It's good times! Your workplace is a big open space too? I kind of like it. :-)