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Big News - New Job (again)

Big changes are happening for me and it has been a long time coming.  Anyone who has known me for longer than 10 minutes knows that my lifelong goal is to help design and build theme parks for a living.  Two weeks ago, I was contacted by a company called Thinkwell that does this very thing.  They offered me a job and I offically accepted yesterday.  I start in September and the job is in Burbank (so I won't be moving again).

I will be a Technical Manager, helping take creative designs and figure out how to make them work in the real world.  My first assignment will be working on a new $1.5 billion theme park in China called Monkey Kingdom, but I may also be working on other projects at the same time.  Check out some pictures of Monkey Kingdom here.  

I'm excited and terrified.  It's a little intimidating when when your dream for the last 3 decades is suddenly real and sitting right in front of you.

It seems obvious that I would take this job without hesitation, but the reality is that this was a very difficult decision.  Even having made the decision, I'm still conflicted about this.  Although I've been with Cirque for over 4 years and 3 previous shows, I've only been at IRIS 5 months.  The timing isn't optimal.  I've also made some great friends among my co-workers and feel like I'm leaving just as I'm really getting to know them.  I like this show, the people, the company and the theater.  It's a little too soon to go but I couldn't pass up the opportunity.  In a way, it is nice to leave while liking the job instead of leaving because I'm sick of it.  

One of my regrets is going to be not getting to work the Oscars (which take place in this theater and will likely use my department next year).  On the other hand, at least I won't be getting tired of hearing the IRIS soundtrack (which I love).  I still have a few weeks left with IRIS to absorb as much of the experience as I can.  If everything goes as I hope, this will be the last live show I work as a Technician.  We'll see how that works out, I guess.

And now I have to go, so that's all for now.  It's time to run tonight's performance of IRIS.



If you and Mr Cobb need an admin (esp one that enjoys theme parks), let me know. *wink*

Congratulations on stepping closer to your dreams. :D
Thanks, man! I will keep an eye out for you. :-)
Good Deal, Mike. I will take joezer's side and put forth my services as a Senior I.T. Analyst whenever we wanna make it OUR company! :)
Thanks! I'll see what I can do. :-)
Well I don't want a job so you can relax ;-{) But congratulations and do tell will you remain where you are to live?
Thanks! And I'll be staying here in L.A. The current job is in Hollywood and the new one is in Burbank so that worked out well.
Thanks! I really appreciate that. Good thing I like monkeys...
Monkey. Kingdom.
There is no way you couldn't take this job.
It's in my genes.
Congrats :)
Thanks, Dave! :-)

That's fantastic!
Thanks! Yes, totally squeeee!!! :-)